Podcast Adaptation of Plato’s Republic

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Ancient History, Classical Studies, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science

Good in Theory makes the classics of political theory engaging without "dumbing them down." It's rated 5/5 on Apple Podcasts and can be found wherever you listen to podcasts. 

The current series is a 14-part adaptation of Plato's Republic, performd by actors, with interpretation by host Clif Mark. Earlier series' include 5 episodes on Plato's Apology and a trilogy on the polis, Sparta and Athens. The adaptations are in enough detail that you'll feel like you read it (or re-read it) yourself. 

Clif Mark is an academic political theorist-turned-writer. His written work can be found in The Atlantic, Canadaland, CBC Life and Aeon as well as in academic publications

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Clif Mark, author of Good in Theory