Borderlines Open School - April program

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April 21, 2021
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Black History / Studies, Jewish History / Studies, Music and Music History, Nationalism History / Studies

Webinars and Online Courses about the Jewish World


Borderlines Open School, an international cross-disciplinary teaching and research organization, offers free webinars giving insights into important figures and concepts of Jewish culture and life. Each webinar is followed by four more sessions, available on enrollment basis and aimed at a deeper, focused discussion. We bring university level education to your home, starting right now.


This month, we offer:

  1. A Lexicon for Lovers of Leonard Cohen

By Aubrey Glazer –director of Panui: an open space for researching Jewish mysticism

This course explores why Leonard Cohen’s songbook—from “Hallelujah” (1984) to “You Want It Darker” (2016)—has touched such a diversity of listeners. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to Cohen’s poetry, Aubrey will explore how this “mystic’s” songs create post-secular meanings, and what roles Kabbalah and Hasidism play in his lyrics.

Watch the recording of the webinar: and join us for further meetings from April 21: Also, say FRIEND and enter - this promo code will give you a 40% discount.

  1. Jews and Race

By Shaul Magid – professor of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College

The question of Jews as a race, and Jews not being a race, has filtered through Western thought at least since the 19th century when European intellectuals became enamored with race science. This course will discuss why race has been a defining factor for Jews and how the concept of race in Europe was determined by the nature and status of the Jew.

The free webinar will be held online on Zoom (April 22). Registration is mandatory: To enroll in further sessions, beginning on April 29, please visit