PhD Teaching Scholarship in Military History / Strategic Studies at Maynooth University (Ireland).

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June 11, 2021
Ireland {Republic}
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Military History, Peace History / Studies, Social Sciences


Graduate Teaching Scholarship for PhD student in military history / strategic studies

Dept of History

Maynooth Univesrity (National University of Ireland, Maynooth)


The Department of History at Maynooth University (Ireland), through its Centre for Military History and Strategic Studies [CMHSS], is offering a Graduate Teaching Scholarship for one student intending to commence PhD studies in October 2021.


The scholarship may be held by new entrant full-time registered students only.


Description of the Scholarship

The scholarship will entail:

1.      Full annual tuition fees support (approximately €6,500 per annum);

2.      A fixed maintenance award of €10,000 per annum;

3.       Participation in Departmental teaching support duties, for up to 240 hours per academic year (see below), with generally not more than 60 contact teaching hours per year. These activities will be carried out both at Maynooth University and the Military College (Defence Forces Training Centre, Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare) under the supervision of the Director of the CMHSS, on behalf of the Head of Department.



Full time research degree students commencing a programme of study in October 2021 to PhD or PhD-track programmes and who have a relevant First class or 2.1 honours in their primary degree, or have a relevant Masters degree, are eligible to apply for scholarship support in the Department. The successful candidate must be able to teach on topics related to modern military history, strategy and/or contemporary security.


The scholarship will be awarded to newly registered students only, for four years of study, subject to satisfactory annual review of progress in research and teaching performance.


The scholarship will be awarded by the Department on the basis of research potential of the applicant in the areas of military history or strategic studies and their potential to teach within these fields.



Teaching support

As part of this scholarship, the successful candidate may be required to undertake such duties as may be specified by Director of the CMHSS and/or his/her nominee within the stipulated maximum of 240 hours per academic year. Of these, up to 120 hours may occur outside term time. These duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:


·         Assisting the delivery of a range of teaching and assessment activities, including tutorials, seminars, and other teaching in support of modules in military or strategic studies;

·         Contributing, under supervision, to the development of appropriate teaching materials to ensure that content and methods of delivery meet learning objectives;

·         Contributing, where appropriate and under supervision, to the assessment process, using a variety of methods and techniques and to provide effective, timely and appropriate feedback to students to support their learning;

·         Being available for consultation by students from the Military College;

·         Undertaking limited administrative duties related to teaching as requested by the Director of the CMHSS;

·         Attending meetings associated with the courses they support as requested by the Director of the CMHSS.


Please note:

·         The above activities will include teaching and administrative support to be carried out outside the normal University semesters.

·         Teaching and other activities will take place, as noted above, in the Maynooth University Campus and the Military College. The successful candidate is expected to cater for their transport to both these sites.

·         The successful candidate will not normally be expected to teach more than 60 contact hours within a given academic year. The above-mentioned total of 240 hours per year relates to total commitment, including preparation, support, marking and administration.



Maintenance Award

A fixed stipend of €10k per annum will be offered. This will be paid in twelve equal instalments from October to September. The scholarship will be awarded for the expected duration of the studies, up to a maximum of four years, subject to satisfactory annual review of progress in research under the University’s normal processes.


There will be no pension entitlements arising from the scholarship.


Application and Selection Procedure        

Applicants are required to submit the following by the closing date:


·         Personal statement (max. 1,000 word)

·         Curriculum Vitae

·         Research proposal (max. 4,000 words)

·         Relevant academic final transcripts


All eligible candidates will be considered for the position. Applicants may be shortlisted for interview and, if so, will be contacted directly by the Department. Applications should be sent to Professor Filipe Ribeiro de Meneses, Head of the Department of History, at


Successful application to funded scholarship

If a scholarship holder is subsequently successful in securing an externally funded scholarship that covers tuition fees, then this Graduate Teaching Scholarship will lapse at the commencement of the funded scholarship. In those circumstances, and if the scheme remains in operation, then the Departmental commitment will also lapse, and the Department may choose to commence a new doctoral scholarship.



A Graduate Teaching Scholarship is contingent on the holder being a registered doctoral student and meeting all the requirements for annual progression. The scholarship and any teaching support activities will terminate automatically when the holder ceases to be a registered graduate student. It is a legitimate objective of the University to provide education and training for successive cohorts of postgraduate students. Providing an opportunity to students to develop skills in teaching by serving as a teaching assistant, tutor or demonstrator is an important part of postgraduate training, so the University makes such work available to postgraduate students as a priority.


Closing date for applications

Applications will be accepted up to the closing date of 11 June 2021.


Further information

For additional details please contact Dr Ian Speller: