Call for paper for an edited volume: ‘ASIANISM RETOLD’

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Call for Papers
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Call for paper for an edited volume: ‘ASIANISM RETOLD’


This is an open call to seek papers for a peer reviewed publication on, ‘Asianism Retold, which is under the Programme, ‘Asianism Retold’ - an initiative to understand the nature of common and distinct Asian values and identity; its role in the region’s development; Asia’s position in global geopolitics and in shaping the next set of international concepts. There have been several ideologies in the past on the question of Asian identity and values that have attempted to promote the political and economic unity and cooperation of Asian people. What can we learn by relooking in this in our current context.


The broad sub-themes (but not limited to) of the Call for Paper are:

  • What are Asian Values? Are there cultural, political, economic Asian values? Why are they distinctly Asian values? Can one apply indicators of: a) history and pre-nationalism, b) Values that cut through boundaries between Asian countries, c) more suitable to address the needs of Asian people to decide if a value is Asian value or not; d) Any other indicators?
  • What is the value of understanding Asia from a value or identity perspective? What is the importance of particular values to the people of Asia? i.e How are these values beneficial to the development of the people of Asia? What are the values that contribute to this development and what are the values that are detrimental to development of the region? How are Asian values constructed in the background of the past, present and future? What values are fact, fiction, a romantic indulgence, or a political construct?
  • Has the COVID-19 crisis made us more aware of our Asian identities and values? What are the facilitating factors in this point of history and challenges to the dialogue of Asian values? In the aftermath of COVID-19, how can we ensure a sustained awareness of this value or identity system?
  • What are the implications of Asian values in geopolitics, foreign policy and development policy at the national, regional and global level? ? Are Asian values reflected in national policies, regional policies or global discourses? Have Asian values influenced the policy trajectories of nation states or global norms?
  • Has the “Asian way” created a new model of governance?  How can we re-look at an international concept like ‘human rights’ through the prism of Asian values? What is the relevance of an Asian values like ‘community’ to development frameworks? Is there an Asian model that is neither fully democratic nor fully authoritarian
  • What is the role of religion in Asian values? What is the role of religious values or practices to the future of development, climate change, or health care?
  • Is there such a thing as Pan Asianism? Can there be a coordinated approach and strategy to influence the next set of Asian values? How can we shape these futures of Asian values and what are the points of coding of these values at a societal level?


This book will be edited by Dr. Pramod Jaiswal (Director, Nepal Institute for International Cooperation and Engagement (NIICE)), Dr. Rebecca Kim Chunghee, Professor Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University; Neha Bansal (Ms.), Co-founder of Asianism Retold and One Asia Fellow at Harvard University; and Litcy Kurisinkal (Ms.), Co-founder of Asianism Retold, Harvard alumni and Human Rights Research Consultant.


For those interested, please:

  • Send your abstract (250-300 words), and brief bio of the author (of 100 words) by 15 July 2021 to this email:
  • The Final Chapter has to be submitted before 15 September 2021.


Please note the following:

  • The abstract should summarize the main argument and outline of the proposed paper.
  • The title of the proposed paper must not be longer than 70 characters (including spaces).
  • The length of the final proposed paper should be less than 8000 words (including abstract, references plus 2-3 tables or graphs, if needed).
  • Please use Harvard citations format for referencing;
  • The release and print of the manuscript is planned for January 2022.


For any queries and clarification, please free to contact us by email (mentioned above) or WhatsApp: +977-9840383300.


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