Living Gender in Diverse Times: Young People’s Understandings and Practices of Gender in the Contemporary UK

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May 21, 2021
United Kingdom
Subject Fields: 
Sociology, Social Sciences, Sexuality Studies, Geography, Women's & Gender History / Studies


Virtual conference Friday 21st May 2021 10am-6pm [with British Sign Language interpretation] 

Living Gender in Diverse Times: Young People’s Understandings and Practices of Gender in the Contemporary UK


featuring contributions by Francis Ray White, Justin Hancock, EJ Renold, Mark Jennett, Shaun Dellenty, Anoop Nayak, Anna Carlile, Edmund Coleman-Fountain and Rhi Harvey Humphrey, Eleanor Formby, MJ Barker, Sally Hines, Sharon Elley, Joe Hall and Karen Cuthbert


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Living Gender in Diverse Times (PI: Professor Sally Hines) is a project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) that has been running at in Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield and in the Department for Sociology, Social Policy and Politics at University of Leeds since 2018. Set against a backdrop of increasing social awareness of gender diversity, the interdisciplinary project used a multi-method approach to explore young people’s understandings, experiences and practices of gender in contemporary UK as this intersects with sexualities, class, race, age and other social identities in families; intimate relationships; peer groups; leisure spaces; formal spaces of school and employment; and social media spaces.


This one-day virtual conference considers the emerging findings from Living Gender in Diverse Times. It seeks to situate the project’s key themes and findings alongside others who, from academic, practitioner and third sector backgrounds, work with the broad questions around shifting understandings, experiences and practices of gender among young people today. The event will address themes of intersectionality, education, cultural production and social media, activism, community support and organisation.


Session 1: Living Gender in Diverse Times: A project overview

10:00 – 10.45am


Session 2: Working alongside Young People

10.45 – 11.45am

  1. Campfires and Classrooms: how to (un)do gender in space - Francis Ray White
  2. Working with young men's power, privilege, and agency - Justin Hancock


Session 3: Lessons from Research and Practice

12 noon – 1.30pm

  1. Ruler-skirts, Rotifers and Rights-Kites: making children and young people’s gender and sexuality agendas matter - EJ Renold
  2. Inclusive approaches to identities and relationships in classrooms – Mark Jennett
  3. Lessons from Advocacy - Shaun Dellenty


Session 4: Youth at the Intersections

2.00 – 3.30pm

  1. Crafting Masculinities:  Embodying, Recuperating and Redistributing Care in Young Lives – Anoop Nayak
  2. Challenging homonationalism: LGBTQ-inclusive Education in Schools Serving Faith Communities - Anna Carlile
  3. Creating Time for LGBT+ Disabled Youth: Research Involvement in Pandemic Times - Edmund Coleman-Fountain & Rhi Harvey Humphry


Session 5: Living Gender in Diverse Times methodological discussion

3.30 – 4.15pm


Session 6: Reflections on fifteen years of research with LGBT+ young people: Eleanor Formby

4.30 – 5.15pm


Session 7: Gender Matters: A conversation between Meg-John Barker and Sally Hines

5.15 – 6.00pm


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