Climate Change, Energy, and Sustainability in the Pacific Region: Knowledge, Policies, and Transfers (1970s – Present)

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April 19, 2021 to April 22, 2021
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Area Studies, Environmental History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, American History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies

You are cordially invited to a joint online conference by DIJ Tokyo, DHI Moscow and GHI Washington D.C. on

Climate Change, Energy, and Sustainability in the Pacific Region: Knowledge, Policies, and Transfers (1970s – Present).

April 19, 22:00h-02:00h JST
April 20, 18:00h-20:15h JST
April 21, 21:00h-00:15h JST
April 22, 11:30h-12:45h, 16:30h-19:15h JST

Doubtlessly, climate change and environmental degradation pose some of the most urgent problems of our time. However, while most nation-states and non-state actors acknowledge that immediate action is required and the consumption of fossil energy and a variety of other natural resources needs to be curbed drastically, success stories remain scarce. Reasons for this are manifold and stretch from national economic goals to geopolitical rivalries, from social structures to cultural preferences/habits.

Our conference will focus on the Pacific region, which over the last decades has turned into a powerhouse of the world economy. The ever increasing hunger of Pacific Rim countries like China, the United States, the Soviet Union/Russia, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, and Mexico for natural resources to fuel this growth vastly affects mankind's chances of finding sustainable modes of living on this planet and of mitigating climate change to levels defined as bearable according to the Paris Agreement.

The present interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore the historical development of attitudes towards climate change and environmental degradation within various Pacific Rim countries, as well as interactions between their climate, energy, and environmental policies.

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