Digital Book Launch on Critical Security Studies and HIRA Digital Book Launch on Podkarpatská Rus (1918-1939)

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April 27, 2021
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Eastern Europe History / Studies, Government and Public Service, Modern European History / Studies, Political History / Studies, Race / Ethnic Studies

HIRA Digital Book Launch & Digital Book Launch on Critical Security Studies: Fremde Peripherie - Peripherie der Unsicherheit? Sicherheitsdiskurise über die tschechoslowakische Provinz Podkarpatská Rus (1918-1939), Marburg 2021.

UNKNOWN PERIPHERY—PERIPHERY OF INSECURITY?Security Discourses about the Czechoslovak Province Podkarpatská Rus (1918–1938)


The demise of the empires in Eastern Europe led to the transformation of the state entities there away from mon-archies to nation states. In this process, the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938) was composed of various territories of the defunct Habsburg monarchy and therefore sometimes showed strong diff erences in terms of con-stitutional, social, cultural and economic aspects in the respective parts of the country. This study shows how ideas of security were shaped by the knowledge of the respective actors and how security discourses were infl uenced by this. This is exemplifi ed by the eastern periphery of the First Czechoslovak Republic, Podkarpatská Rus, which was largely unknown even to educated contemporaries. This region was characterized by a population structure in which members of the titular nation of the new national state—i.e. Czechs and Slovaks—were predominantly present in the administrative centers and in the surrounding areas in their function as state employees. For them, the "unknown periphery" and its inhabitants in the east of the country were the subject of numerous discourses of securitization due to their geostrategic location between Poland, Romania and Hungary.

Chair: Peter Haslinger (Marburg)

introduction: Sebastian Ramisch-Paul (Dresden)

Comment I: Balint Varga (Leipzig)

Comment II: Ana Ivasiuc (Marburg)


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