Environments,  People, Cities – a global perspective

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March 25, 2022
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Geography, Sociology, Immigration & Migration History / Studies, Rural History / Studies, Anthropology

Environments,  People, Cities – a global perspective



ABSTRACTS:  June 30, 2021 (Early)  | October 2021 (Round One)


Architecture – Environments – People – Cities is part of the Urban Condition research program examining architecture, environments, people and cities. In 2022 it is collaborating with universities in India: Noida International University and Dayananda Sagar University.

This call seeks contributions from across the social sciences into debates about how we live in and manage the cities we have designed in the past and the ones we are building today.

The conference will be held in March 2022 (virtually and in-person). Publications will follow in early 2023


There are multiple strands:

DESIGN. We examine questions of contemporary urban planning and architecture globally and, of particular interest, the Indian sub-continent.

TECHNOLOGY. There is particular interest in the smart city given that the Indian government is coming toward the end of its ambitious 100 Smart Cities Mission.

SOCIAL EQUITY. Informal settlements are an area of interest but so too are broader questions of the ‘right to the city’, affordable housing and more.

SUSTAINABILITY. The effects of climate change on urban planning and architectural design are central. Resilience in Asia and cities around the world is a key theme.

HISTORY. How do we preserve and conserve our architectural heritage and the cultural traditions found in our cities and neighborhoods in an age of change.


Publications: A conference book with Cambridge Scholars Publishing; Proceedings with AMPS (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society); a journal special issue with UCL Press.


Full call for contributions: https://architecturemps.com/india/

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Rajendra Kumar, Cindee Hogan, Rama Subrahmanian

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