Department of History & Strategic Studies University of Lagos 50th Anniversary Conference, Theme: "History and Nation-Building”

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September 17, 2015
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Social Sciences, Religious Studies and Theology, Political History / Studies, Political Science

Description: After half a century of independence, the forging of national integration remains a major preoccupation of the vast majority of African states. The task of forging a nation out of a multiplicity of ethnic nationalities has been daunting, and ethnic and racial divisions continue to threaten the stability of many African states. African leaders have articulated numerous policies and programmes to promote nation-building, but the achievements have been largely modest. A major result of this is that ethnic fragmentation and disagreement have contributed a great deal to the outbreak of violent conflicts across Africa, and by extension, the continent's crisis of stability and development. Pluralism has thus constituted a major determinant of contemporary African politics. The themes of pluralism and incorporation have also appropriately featured prominently in the analyses of the post-colonial state in Africa. An important issue that has dominated the exploration of the process of nation-building in Africa since the 1960s is what scholars have described as the inappropriateness of national integration policies and programmes. It has been argued that many political leaders in Africa have adopted and implemented policies aimed at promoting national integration that have not been based on sound knowledge of the dynamics of ethnic relations in their respective states. It is against this background that this conference addresses the theme of 'History and Nation-Building'. It seeks to address the question of what role the knowledge of history plays in the process of nation-building and successful conduct of national integration.


The conference hopes to explore the theme of history and nation-building from a broad perspective. Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

- Theoretical exploration of the theme of nation-building

- Analysis of ethnic relations across space and time

- History and nation-building

- The colonial factor and ethnic relations in Africa

- National integration policies

- Boundaries and nation-building

- The economy and national integration

- Irredentism and nation-building

- External relations and national integration

- Religion and nation-building

- Politics and national integration

- Culture and nation-building

- Regional integration and nation-building

- Gender and nation-building


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Abstracts should be no more than 300 words to be submitted to Oludare Ajiola. E-mail. and Dr. David Aworawo. E-mail:

Proposals should include full name, paper title, institutional affiliation and e-mail address.

The deadline for the submission of abstract is August 4, 2015

Young academics and graduate students are especially encouraged to submit abstracts and present papers at the conference


Registration Fee: Conference participants are required to pay a mandatory non-refundable fee of N7,500 after the acceptance of abstract.

Graduate Students: N5,000

Selected conference papers will be published in a special edition of the journal 'Lagos Historical Review'


Please address all inquiries about the conference to:

Dr. David Aworawo



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