Stevenson University Summer Workshop on Controversy and Public History

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August 3, 2015
Maryland, United States
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Archival Science, Historic Preservation, Library and Information Science, Public History

Ripped From the Headlines: A Five Day Exploration of Controversial History, the Public, and the Public Historian.     This workshop is open to the community, and will explore the dynamics of controversy sometimes found in the practice of public history.  Meant as an introduction to the practice of public history, the workshop explores historical topics such as the possible re-naming of Robert E. Lee Park in Baltimore, Maryland; exhibiting the B-29 Enola Gay, commemorating military units some of which may have engaged in war crimes, as well as exhibits focused on industrial history.  The weeklong event provides individuals an opportunity to learn about the discipline of public history, engage in discussions about recent historically-related events, and to learn about the backstories related to  each of the controversial topics considered during the week. Led by professors Andrew Johnstone and Glenn T. Johnston of Stevenson University, the workshop will take place weekday mornings at Stevenson's Greenspring Valley Campus. Cost: $75/person payable at the door by check or cash. For further information, contact Glenn T Johnston at 443.334.2196

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Glenn T. Johnston, Ph.D.

Chair, Humanities & Public History

Stevenson University


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