UCSF and Johns Hopkins University Launch Opioid Industry Documents Archive

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The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) and Johns Hopkins University have announced the launch of the Opioid Industry Documents Archive, a digital repository of publicly disclosed documents from recent judgments, settlements, and ongoing lawsuits concerning the opioid crisis.


The Opioid Industry Documents Archive builds on 20 years of UCSF’s expertise creating and managing the Truth Tobacco Industry Documents collections in its Industry Documents Library (IDL).


This collaborative undertaking leverages extraordinary expertise within UCSF and Johns Hopkins University in library science, information technology, and digital archiving. It also relies on scholarship at both universities focused on many dimensions of the opioid epidemic, ranging from the history of medicine to pharmaceutical policy to clinical care. 


The Opioid Industry Documents Archive is freely available to anyone who is interested in investigating the activities that have led to the devastating epidemic. It is cross-searchable with IDL’s other collections of industry documents (including tobacco, drug, chemical, food, and fossil fuel).


To learn more, read the full press release or contact UCSF Industry Documents Library staff.