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December 3, 2021
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Demographic History / Studies, Human Rights, Social Work, Sociology, Public Policy

Italian Society for the Sociology of Health (SISS) – cfp
Together with several institutions internationally the Italian Society for the Sociology of Health is organizing a conference on public health and our built environments.  This strand stresses the impact of the pandemic a number of groups often defined as ‘socially excluded’  
The Covid-19 pandemic represents a traumatic event which, like other natural or man-made disasters, has forced people to face various stresses: the fear of getting illness, the loss of personal freedom, the death of friends and family, the loss of work, and more. The containment measures imposed by governments across the world have forced citizens to share physical spaces, deal with the associated emotional strain, sacrifice personal time and space in favour of permanent cohabitation and even to stay in buildings that are  too small and unsuitable for the lockdown conditions.

While such impositions are serious enough for anyone, they are even more problematic and stressful for people in vulnerable situations in which our living environment can have even more impact on psycho-physical well-being: irregular migrants, low-income workers, residents in small and crowded houses, families in conflict, people with disabilities, elderly people housed in retirement homes, homeless people, and so on.

The SISS strand of this conference aims to collect and discuss quantitative and, above all, qualitative research studies carried out in these areas. The aim is to understand the situations faced by these categories of people in various contexts: what borders, walls and barriers have been strengthened as a result of lockdown and physical distancing due to the Coronavirus? How have public healthcare institutions faced the problems of people in these categories? How has Coronavirus effected the actions of these institutions and what solutions can be found?
Place: Virtual (Italy)
Dates: 01-03 December, 2021
Abstracts: 25 June, 2021 (Round One)   |   05 Nov, 2021 (Round Two)
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person/people: Francesca Dallatana, Giulia Mascagni, Annamaria Perino, Cindee Hogan, Albertina Pretto

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