Encounters & Interactions (CFP for the 2021 Issue of Roczniki Humanistyczne)

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Call for Publications
May 31, 2021
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American History / Studies, British History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Native American History / Studies, Literature

Call for Publications in the 2021 Issue of Roczniki Humanistyczne


The forthcoming issue of Roczniki Humanistyczne (Annals of Arts), vol. 11 Anglica, 2021 aims to explore various aspects and instances of the widely understood Encounters and Interactions which take place in literature and culture. Interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies, intersections between cultures and societies, crossovers in trends, themes and theories, as well as multidimensionality and transmediality have generated a considerable research interest of the academia in the times of progressing globalisation. With this in view, we invite the scholars of diverse fields of humanities willing to contribute their papers on all possible angles of literary and cultural encounters and interactions in the English speaking world. The profile of this issue in particular favours, but is not limited to, papers which will investigate different aspects of hybridity and/or intermediality in a literary text or any text of culture originating from any historical period - from Anglo-Saxon to contemporary times.

We accept only unpublished research papers of high scientific quality.

Language: English

Article length: up to 30 000 characters with spaces (including abstracts, key words, and the list of works cited)

Formatting: MLA (the eighth edition)

Deadline for submission: 31 May, 2021

Our editorial office reserves the right to preselect texts in terms of their subject matter and editorial content.

Texts should be e-mailed to the Secretary Kamil Rusiłowicz: krusilowicz@gmail.com

Addresses for correspondence:

Editor: Dr hab. Sławomir Wącior – wacior@kul.pl
Secretary: Dr Kamil Rusiłowicz – krusilowicz@gmail.com

Webpage: https://ojs.tnkul.pl/index.php/rh/cfp11


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