Medievalisms on the Screen: The Representation of the Middle Ages in 21st Century Audiovisual Media

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April 29, 2021 to May 1, 2021
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Digital Humanities, Humanities, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Social History / Studies

In a month we will be holding our on-line conference "Medievalisms on the Screen: The Representation of the Middle Ages in 21st Century Audiovisual Media". We will be holding seven very interesting panels including videogames, politics, non-western medieval worlds, among others. Click on the following link to pre-register, we will send you a mail with the zoom link. How to see you there!


Schedule (CET Time): 

Thursday April 29th


Opening Keynote Lecture:

Prof. Louise D'Arcens (MacQuarie University): England Found and Made: The Saxon Period in the Brexit Era.


Procedural Rhetoric in Medieval-Themed Video Games

Olga Kalashnikova (Central European University): Constructing the Middle Ages on the Screen: Procedural Rhetoric in Civilization V, Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Medieval Dynasty.

Robert Houghton (University of Winchester): The Digital 'Dark Ages' and the Trouble with Tech Trees.

Daniel Wigmore (University of Southampton): National Identities and the Imposition of Authenticity in Strategy Video Games.


Medieval Ideas, Practices and Attitudes On-Screen

Petar Paranov (Central European University): "All Death is Certain”: Representations of Mortuary Behaviour in Kingdom of Heaven.

Kathleen Eck (Saint Louis University): Modern Medieval Dissability: Culture and Identity in Game of Thrones.

Tatiana Konrad (University of Vienna): The Dread of Aging: A Feminist Reading of The Countess.


Friday April 30th


Imagining Non-western Medieval Worlds (Daniel Ziemann)

Claudia Bonillo (University of Zaragoza/University of Kyoto): At a Gallop Through the Age of the Warring States: The History of the Takeda Clan According to Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence.

Andre Magpantay (University of the Philippines): Medieval Representation in Korean Dramas of the Silla, Goryeo and Jonseon Periods.

Lubna Irfan (Aligahr Muslim University): Re-reading the Jodha-Akbar in the Times of Love-Jihad in India.


On-screen Uses of the Middle Ages

Nuria Corral Sánchez (University of Salamanca): (Re)thinking the Middle Ages: Didactic Proposals Around Audiovisual Culture.

Marija Blaskovic (University of Vienna): Benefits and Limitations of Multifaceted Self-referentiality in Galavant.

Pablo Crovetto (ISP JGV): The Use of Old-English in 21st-Century Entertainment Media.


On-Screen Abuses of the Middle Ages (Baukje)

Alexandra Gutiérrez Hernández & Carmen Sáez González (University of Salamanca): The “Evil” Architecture in 21st-Century Disney Factory Productions.

Tess Alana Waterson (University of Adelaide): "Your Judgement Must be your Guide”: Persecuting Witches in Medievalist Fantasy Role-Playing Games.

Mateusz Ferens (University of Wisconsin-Madison): 1453 in 2020: The Mythistorical Rhetoric in Netflix's Latest Docudrama.


Saturday May 1st


Medievalism and National Symbolism:

Francis Mickus (Sorbonne University): From CNN to Youtube: Henry V in the Digital Age.

Anne Tastad (University of British Columbia): HERESY: A Folklore-Inspired Streetwear Brand Refashions British Heritage.

Nicola Carotenuto (Oxford University): Barbarossa (2009), Between History, Fiction, and Propaganda.


Medievalisms, Politics and Identity (Jozska):

Annika Christensen (University of Leeds): Whiteness as an Indicator of Nordic Authenticity: Exploring the Images of Whiteness in Videogames.

Steffen Hope (Linnaeus University): Dreams of a Norse Origin Story: Fantasy, Pseudo-history, and Fiction in the Reception of the Vinland Sagas.

Jordan Voltz (Central European University): The Devil Wears a Wizard's Robe: Medievalism in the Religious Right's Discourse Surrounding Dungeons & Dragons.


Closing Keynote Lecture:

Prof. Andrew B.R. Elliot (University of Lincoln): Between the Screens of Medievalism.

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