3rd Annual UC Davis Graduate Conference

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Call for Papers
California, United States
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Digital Humanities, Graduate Studies, History Education, Humanities, Social Sciences

From:  Lawrence Abrams
Ph.D. Student and Conference Chair/Coordinator; University of California, Davis   


3rd Annual University of California, Davis
"Historians Without Borders, History Without Limits"

Graduate Conference

The University of California, Davis History Department and Graduate Student Association invites proposal submissions for its third annual graduate student conference to be held May 4-6, 2018, at the University of California: Davis.

This year’s conference theme, “Post-Truth and Memory,” addresses the role of the humanities and social sciences in a post-truth era.  We are particularly interested in the contentiousness of the study and preservation of history and historical memory, and additionally invite proposals on a variety of themes, including: memory and memorialization, truth and reconciliation, big data and Digital Humanities, populism, and disinformation and misinformation.

The conference’s first day, May 4th, is dedicated to undergraduate work. Graduate students are welcome to come early and participate that day in a mentorship role, providing feedback.

All submissions may engage directly with a variety of subjects, such as:

   • Innovative linkages across time, space, fields, methodologies, and professional choices;
   • Contested places, memorials, discourse, mass media, and cultural practices;
   • Capture, documentation, or display of history through other disciplinary lenses;
   • Preservation and pedagogy, and how librarians, archivists, and teachers engage with them;
   • Interdisciplinary study and its role in the ongoing development of historical practice.

During this conference, we hope to discuss how historical study is a useful tool to unite other humanities and social sciences disciplines in innovative ways.

We also welcome papers that address themes such as nostalgia, imperialism and postcolonial studies, education and public engagement, philosophy, cultural geography, psychology, art, literature and media studies—and that do so in trans-disciplinary or interdisciplinary ways.

We invite graduate students in degree programs in history and other disciplines to present work on any of these topics or on others that address the conference themes.

We also welcome panel proposals. Faculty are invited and encouraged to volunteer as
chair/commentators in their research areas.

Logistics/Conference Details:

When: May 4-6, 2018

Where: UC, Davis; Davis, CA

Keynote: TBD

Format of Presentations: Accepted presentations are typically divided into
three-person panels. Each panelist will present their papers for
approximately fifteen to twenty minutes.

For consideration, please send the following documents to the program
committee at ucdgradconf@gmail.com by December 30th, 2016.

Individual Panelists:
   250-word abstract describing paper or work to be presented
   Brief curriculum vitae
   List of audio/visual needs, if applicable

   List of all panel members (3 per panel) with designated chairperson, if
   200-word abstract that discusses the theme of the panel
   200-word abstract for each paper or work to be presented
   Brief curriculum vitae for each panelist and chairperson
   List of audio/visual needs, if applicable

For more information about our 2018 Conference, please contact Conference Secretary Miguel Novoa at manovoa@ucdavis.edu.


A special thank you is owed to the following organizations for their generous support of this conference:

The UC Davis Institute for Social Sciences

The UCD Department of History

 Without their support, this endeavor would not be possible.


Contact Info: 

Conference Chair: Lawrence Abrams lcabrams@ucdavis.edu

Panel Chair: Kaleb Knoblauch kknoblau@ucdavis.edu

Conference Secretary: Miguel Novoa manovoa@ucdavis.edu