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Call for Papers
July 10, 2015 to July 10, 2016
Subject Fields: 
Classical Studies, Communication, Cultural History / Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Intellectual History 

The Interdisciplinary Science and Consciousness Institute
Our common purpose is truth form a combined human and humanistic perspective, we are based in Israel, but we are open to all seekers of truth with a spiritual quest for meaning.

“A possible impact of a spiritual reality on the visible world is rarely considered in the mainstream scientific establishment. We have recently established a new research institute with a purpose to group together all open-minded rigorous scientists and intellectuals. This will lead to the creation of many integrated multidisciplinary research groups relating to the core questions. They will reexamine scientific findings while being free from preliminary spiritual or anti-spiritual assumptions. We expect their conclusions to be published in leading scientific journals as well as in popular means. Therefore we will create a virtual space that will provide a fruitful multidisciplinary environment to raise new ideas, organize research groups, have papers peer reviewed and prepared for submission to scientific journals.”

A Human Holistic Research
The short time since founding the institute has revealed potential for extraordinary new opportunities, the likes of which are unfound among research groups anywhere.

Our institute is comprised of fellows from all walks of endeavor, from psychologists, some of whom are developing alternative methods in their field, brain researchers, medical practitioners, alternative medical specialists, some of whom are doctors of conventional medicine, biologists, many autodidacts who have devised or learnt healing and personality enrichment treatments and have been applying them successfully for many years.

Some of the researchers have been inspired by teachings of the far east, some by Judaism, some by western thought and practice and many of them from the integration of multiple sources.

The common denominator of all the fellows in the institute is openness both to spiritualism and to examining the approaches of others.

We call out to whomever deals in these fields, and mainly to all H-net members who share the true humanistic spirit of the Humanities and the original tradition of liberal arts education  to join this important research endeavor.

All papers submitted will be fairly considered for publication in our site.

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please feel free and most welcome to make contact anytime in a direct personal friendly and informal manner

(We are really open to all bright new ideas and would love to hear from you wherever you are!)

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