From The Black Scholar: Call to Response - Anti-Black Racial Violence in America

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Call for Papers
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African American History / Studies

We are seeking blog posts, of 750-1500 words, that respond to the tragedy of Charleston, the burning of Black churches, and the rash of state violence against black lives, especially since they are clearly evidence of an intensifying continuum of anti-black racial violence in America.  We are also interested in reflections and responses to these events, from new forms of activism as well as media coverage.  We need to share our feelings, ideas, opinions, analyses, in any way deemed necessary to give voice to this moment and offer resistance to this climate on the The Black Scholar blog.  As you might know, the blog is a fast growing space for online conversation due to its immediacy and its flexibility of tone/mode of address. We have many readers who are turning to us for perspectives and strategies, so please consider submitting.   

For guidelines and information on how to submit to TBS ' blog, please go here (scroll down to "Submissions to The Black Scholar Blog")

Yours in anger and mourning,

The Editors at The Black Scholar

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