SAMLA 2021 Regular Panel Neoliberalism in Literature and Media Studies

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Call for Papers
July 15, 2021
Georgia, United States
Subject Fields: 
American History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Film and Film History, Literature, Popular Culture Studies

SAMLA 2021 Conference Regular Panel    11/04/21 - 11/06/21


Over the past seventy years, neoliberal thinkers have strategically reinvented classical liberal ideals in order to privilege a sense of personal freedom over the perceived overreach of government intervention. Once considered a fringe movement, neoliberalism has steadily become the central tenet of American life. It is now nearly impossible, for example, to imagine any mainstream voice espousing tax hikes or championing the sorts of policies enacted under Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnson. Promises of privatization today trump collective action in virtually every aspect of life. This epistemic shift can be felt far and wide, from politicians to postmodern theorists.  The panel will investigate symptoms of/responses to this ideological shift, particularly in the areas of literature and film. Please submit a 300-word abstract, brief bio, and A/V requirements to Michael Blouin, Milligan University, at Due by July 15th 2021.

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