From Emancipation to Post-Racial, 150 Years of African American Education

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Call for Papers
August 14, 2015
Virginia, United States
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African American History / Studies

The Jefferson School African American Heritage Center is located in the Jefferson School, which was once the only school available for blacks in the City of Charlottesville. This year, the Center celebrates the 150-year anniversary of the opening of the original Jefferson School (1865) with a three-day conference that seeks to explore the historic and contemporary state of black education locally and nationally. The conference begins on Thursday October 22, with a keynote and participant reception. Day two consists of two half-day sessions, ending with a second keynote speaker. The last day of the conference includes one half-day session.

The first session, Friday 9am – 12pm addresses the historic origins of the Jefferson School as a Freedman’s school in particular, and the origins of public education in the late 19th century more generally. This could include topics such as,

               Black education and schooling in Virginia (from Freedmen to segregated schools)    

               UVA and its role in training African American teachers in the late 19th century

               Rural education in Charlottesville and other communities

Session two, Friday 1-4 pm will consider the contemporary state of African American education. Papers are invited that consider but are not limited to the following topics

            Pre-school to prison pipeline


            Elective choices in middle school

            Differentiated Assessment

            Critical Race Theory: Education in post-racial America

            Education Debt vs. Achievement Gap

            Toxic Stress Syndrome

Session three, Saturday 9 am -12 pm, will consider the role of community-based organizations in providing support to public education

            How do community based institutions prepare students for school

            Social services in school

            Community based organizations and arts education

               Pre-school education

Contact Info: 

Proposal Deadline: August 1, 2015 Participants will be notified of the committee’s decision no later than September 1, 2015 

Please submit proposals by the deadline to: Andrea Douglas, Executive Director, Jefferson School African American Heritage Center Proposals should be submitted to one of the three sessions.

For Individual Presentations: Please submit a two-paragraph proposal and a one-page curriculum vita with up-to-date contact information in a single Word/pdf document. Please also include any requests for audio-visual equipment for the session.

For Panels: Proposals for complete panel sessions, workshops, etc. are encouraged.  Submissions should include: 1) a two-paragraph description of the overall session; 2) a separate, two-paragraph description for each individual presentation in the session; and 3) a one-page curriculum vitae for each panel member, including the moderator, if one is included in the proposal. Please combine all of the above in a single Word/pdf document, and please be sure to include the email address and other contact information for the panel’s primary organizer.

For Those Interested in Moderating a Session: Please submit a brief description of your area(s) of interest/specialization and a one-page curriculum vitae with up-to-date contact information in a single Word/pdf document.