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March 3, 2021 to July 3, 2021
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Israel Studies (Indiana University Press)

Call for Articles:

The Legacy of the 1982 Lebanon War:

How the War Changed Israel



In June of 1982, Israel launched “Operation Peace for Galilee,” which would soon spiral to become the “First Lebanon War”—Israel’s longest-lasting conflict, and one with enduring consequences. Its most immediate impacts were felt in Israeli military thinking—including understandings of conflict, the role and preparedness of Israel’s military, and establishment of realistic strategic goals. But its effects ran far deeper and broader, touching virtually every aspect of Israeli political, social, and cultural life, with reverberations clearly audible in Israeli public discourse and visible in literature, film, and art.

The Lebanon War was a factor in increasing political polarization between “left” and “right” and in redefining the different camps’ agendas; in reshaping Israelis’ images of themselves and the image of Israel abroad; in the relations between Israel and the Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries (not only Lebanon itself); and even in such seemingly unrelated matters as memory and discourse of the Holocaust and of the Jewish and Israeli past, and in the political uses to which these reinterpretations were put.

Israel Studies invites scholars in all disciplines involved in the study of Israel to submit original, unpublished articles for a special issue examining the legacy and impact of the First Lebanon War. All articles are peer reviewed. Manuscripts should be submitted to by July 1, 2021 and should be no longer than 8,000 words including the abstract, keywords, text, endnotes, and illustrations. See Guidelines.pdf


The Legacy of the 1982 Lebanon War: How the War Changed Israel  - by July 1, 2021.​​


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