Challenges to Citizenship: Decolonizing Citizenship in South Asia

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April 1, 2021
New York, United States
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Anthropology, Political Science, South Asian History / Studies

In recent years, authoritarian regimes across South Asia have denied rights and citizenship to religious and ethnic minorities or forcibly annexed populations and territories through the disproportionate use of military power.  While the war against COVID-19 has, in many instances, intensified the suppression of racial and religious minorities, the causes and outcomes of a planetary pandemic cannot be placed outside the context of long-standing patterns of resource use, environmental degradation, militarization, war, and occupation.  This webinar will examine how the political consequences of the pandemic in India, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Bangladesh might be related to histories of dispossession and forced displacement, racialization and religious discrimination, climate change, and the extractive economies related to war and occupation.  How do statelessness, authoritarianism, and militarization pose a veritable challenge to our abilities to imagine worlds of equality, health, and justice?  At the same time, how can questions of environmental, social, and political justice become key to envisioning post-pandemic futures?  This webinar is co-sponsored by the Syracuse University’s South Asia Center and the Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs.  The speakers are Maira Hayat (Stanford), Navine Murshid (Colgate), Mehroosh Tak (University of London), and Navyug Gill (William Patterson) with Mona Bhan, Ford Maxwell Professor of South Asian Studies at Syracuse University, as moderator. 

This webinar is the beginning of a series of workshops intended to build an international and multidisciplinary research consortium as well as new advocacy networks across regional and national boundaries exploring the challenges to statelessness and the crisis of citizenship in many regions of the world. 

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