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Call for Publications
May 1, 2021
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Educational Technology, History Education, Teaching and Learning, Social Sciences, Humanities

Other Education is seeking book reviewers for 2021. We are an open-source international academic online journal that considers education differently. With this, our book reviews (and reviewers) might consider the field of education expansively. We are open to various structures of a book review:

Book Reviews
More than a summary, a book review is intended to provide an engaged evaluation of the themes, arguments and approaches to the text, as well as to provoke further contemplation and interaction with what the book has (or, if found lacking, needs) to offer.

Review Essays
A review essay is an opportunity to write beyond the book being reviewed to incorporate your own work/thinking/imagining, opening up and expanding debates that the book generates and contributes to. A larger word count is intended to facilitate a deeper engagement with the themes of the text placed in conversation with personal/professional reflections.

Other Reviews
In keeping with the journal's aims, potential reviewers are encouraged to consider and attempt departures, deviations, blurrings and otherwise experiment with standard academic review practice. This too applies to what is considered an educational book/a book on education. The above notes therefore are offered as guiding notes. 

Other Education is looking for reviewers of the following:

Raising Free People: Unschooling as Liberation and Healing Work - Richards (2020 PM Press)

Black Lives Matter at School: An Uprising for Educational Justice - Hagopian and Jones (2020 Haymarket Books)

Poverty Scholarship: Poor People-Led Theory, Art, Words, & Tears Across Mama Earth - Gray-Garcia, Garcia and The Poor Magazine Family (Poor Press)

You Can't Fire the Bad Ones! And 18 Other Myths About Teachers, Teacher's Unions, and Public Education - Ayers, Laura and Ayers (2018 Beacon Press)

The Liberal Arts and Management Education: A Global Agenda for Change - Harney and Thomas (2020 Cambridge University Press)

Indigenous Children's Survivance in Public Schools - Sabzalian (2019 Routledge)

Sing a Rhythm, Dance a Blues: Education for the Liberation of Black and Brown Girls - Morris (2019 The New Press)

Pedagogics of Liberation: A Latin American Philosophy of Education - Enrique Dussel (2019 Punctum Books)

Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork as Methodology - Archibald, Lee-Morgan and De Santolo (eds) (2019 Zed Books)

Exploring Single Black Mothers' Resistance Through Homeschooling - Fields-Smith (2020 Palgrave)

Note that this is not an extensive nor exclusive list. Any other recently published books in and around the field of education are welcome. 

Please see the Other Education website for further details on contributing a book review, and we hope you will consider contributing a review to an upcoming issue.

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Michael Miller - MJMiller1@Sheffield.ac.uk