Call for Chapters - "Documentary Film in the Global South: Theory and Practice"

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Call for Papers
March 31, 2021
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Anthropology, Area Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Digital Humanities, Film and Film History



Call for Chapters

Documentary Film in the Global South: Theory and Practice

Christopher L. Ballengee, editor


This interdisciplinary edited volume seeks to illuminate theoretical and practical perspectives on the production, reception, and analysis of ethnographic and documentary film across the global south (broadly conceived). We invite scholars, critics, filmmakers, and other interested authors to submit proposals as outlined below. The volume is somewhat centered on the uses of music/sound within ethnographic and documentary film, though proposals unrelated to this topic are indeed welcome.


While there is a substantial and growing literature on narrative films of the global south, relatively little scholarly attention has been paid to the theoretical and practical issues of making, producing, distributing, and watching documentary and ethnographic films within the region. Such work is long overdue given the increasing number of high-quality documentary and ethnographic films that continue to emerge from and about the region and its myriad diasporas. Therefore, this edited volume represents an important step toward thinking about issues relevant to the production and analysis of documentary and ethnographic film across the global south.


Topics for essays could include, but are not limited to, considerations of

  • a film or group of films
  • the work of a filmmaker or group of filmmakers
  • film and audio/visual culture (in one place or comparatively across the region)
  • the soundscape of ethnographic and/or documentary film
  • the practice of filmmaking
  • the social and/or cultural impact of documentary and ethnographic film
  • technologies of filmmaking and distribution
  • film festivals
  • imperialist, postcolonial, and/or decolonial perspectives on films and filmmaking


Deadline for proposal submission is March 31, 2021. Interested authors are invited to submit proposals by email to Please include a detailed abstract of approximately 200-500 words, a one-paragraph bio, and a current CV. Full essays will likely be due in late summer 2021.