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Available now is an open access (free download) book that offers a global, non-western framework for thinking about international relations. The book, published by Palgrave McMillan, is entitled A Buddhist Approach to International Relations: Radical Interdependence. It is available at


Abstract: Many scholars have wondered if a non-Western theory of international politics founded on different premises, be it from Asia or from the “Global South,” could release international relations from the grip of a Western, “Westphalian” model. This book argues that a Buddhist approach to international relations could provide a genuine alternative. Because of its distinctive philosophical positions and its unique understanding of reality, human nature and political behavior, a Buddhist theory of IR offers a way out of this dilemma, a means for transcending the Westphalian predicament. The author explains this Buddhist IR model, beginning with its philosophical foundations up through its ideas about politics, economics, and statecraft.


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