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November 20, 2021
Washington, United States
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East Asian History / Studies, Literature, South Asian History / Studies, Southeast Asian History / Studies, Teaching and Learning
Dear colleagues and friends,
As an AAR program that started in 2019, the Buddhist Pedagogy Seminar appreciates your support and participation. For our 2021 gathering in San Antonio, TX, from November 20 to 23, we invite scholars who are currently teaching Buddhism or related subjects to examine the topics below, but they are not limited to them:
• technology that works and does not work for online teaching during the Covid era
• the essential/threshold information in your Buddhist studies classroom
• teaching Buddhism and race in the classroom
• specific readings or textbooks integrated into the syllabus
• studying abroad for Buddhist studies
• teaching students who have lived or are living in a place where Buddhism is the
  indigenous religion
• teaching students who are Buddhist
• experiential and embodied learning in the Buddhist studies classroom
• strategies of teaching contemplation/mindfulness practice to allay the possibility of
• Buddhism and film
Based on 2020’s positive experience, we plan to have two 90-minute sessions for roundtable discussions in 2021. The roundtable discussion aims to offer a platform that scholars can use to exchange critical reflections on teaching Buddhism. Each presenter will have approximately ten minutes to present a specific assignment, assessment method, class activity, or other strategies that help students understand Buddhism. Please send your proposal through AAR’s INSPIRE System by Monday, March 1, 2021. Below is the link to submission instructions on INSPIRE:
Please write your proposal in 500 words, which may equate to around 3500 characters, including spaces, on INSPIRE. The system will allow you to enter 7,500 characters. Please choose Papers Proposal for your individual submission. 
In addition, I am pleased to share some publications that are related to presentations at the Buddhist Pedagogy Seminar or Buddhist Contemplation Workshop during AAR 2019–2020.
2021 Forthcoming, multiple essays TBA, The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching
2021 Andrew Housiaux, “Mahāpajāpatī, Misconceptions, and Religious Literacy:
         Pedagogical Reflections on an Early Buddhist Story.” Sakyadhita International
         Association of Buddhist Women Newsletter 29: 12-15.
2020 Gloria Chien “Integrating Contemplative and Ignatian Pedagogies in a Buddhist
         Studies Classroom.” Religions 11, no. 11: 567 (2020): 1-21.
For any inquires related to proposal submission, please contact Gloria Chien at chien@gonzaga.edu.
       Gloria Chien; Trung Huynh
Steering Committee
        Todd Lewis; Beverley McGuire; Ben Van Overmeire; Jonathan Young
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Gloria Chien, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies Department, Gonzaga University 
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