CFP: The Journal of Northeast Asian History Vol. 17 and 18

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Call for Papers
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Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Japanese History / Studies, Korean History / Studies

Dear Colleagues,

The Northeast Asian History Foundation continues to expand its interaction with scholars specializing in Asian history and related fields outside East Asia. The Foundation is also strengthening its ties with leading institutions and scholars by encouraging interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to research on geopolitical, cultural, educational, and other issues in East Asia.

The Foundation publishes the Journal of Northeast Asian History (JNAH), a peer-reviewed semi-annual English-language journal that focuses on history-based approaches to Asian politics, cultures, economy and other fields to shed light on the historical realities of the Asian World. The Journal's geographical scope extends to other parts of the world which have significant relevancy to Asian history, thus charting globalism and localism from global perspectives.

In particular, we will welcome two topics that concern (1) Korea-China Relations and Historical Configuration in Northeast Asia and (2) US-China Relations and Historical Issues in East Asia, both of which will help explore further how inter-state and intra-state matters were and are liked together to the historical development of continental East Asia and how the confluence of these external and internal factors have been making vital impact on the various mode of regional interaction in modern East Asia and beyond.

The Journal of Northeast Asian History calls for the submission of outstanding and unpublished papers for review and possible publication in summer 2021. We invite colleagues to consider the Journal when seeking to publish ongoing research since we believe this can be an impetus for further scholarly collaboration in the future. For full consideration, please submit manuscripts by March 15, 2021 for Summer issue, or by September 15, 2021 for Winter Issue.

Please contact us at or should you have any questions regarding the journal, its submission process or subscription to it.
Thank you in advance for your attention and contributions.

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Journal of Northeast Asian History (JNAH)

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