Coronavirus and Pop Culture in French, Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking Cultures. A Transnational Approach

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February 16, 2021
United Kingdom
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Popular Culture Studies, European History / Studies, Spanish and Portuguese History / Studies, Music and Music History, American History / Studies


School of Advanced Study • University of London


Coronavirus and Pop Culture in French, Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking Cultures. A Transnational Approach


16 February 2021

14:30-16:00 GMT



Speakers: Marcel Vejmelka (JGU Mainz) and Timo Obergöker (University of Chester)


'Quédate in casa' (Stay at home) can be considered the motto of this year. The beginning of the lockdown period in March has seen an impressive rise of songs reacting to an entirely new situation. From “Quédate in casa” and “Resistiré” in Spain (the song then travelled around the world) to “La tendresse” and “Et demain?” in France, from “Color Esperanza” in Latin America to the Portuguese origins of Cristóvam’s “Tutto andrà bene / Vai ficar tudo bem” (one of the first internationally ‘trending’ confinement songs) to the Angolan dancers Fenómenos do Semba who globally boosted the song “Jerusalema” and thousands of dance challenges, a series of songs entered the global stage. These can be examined in multiple ways: canon, intermediality, global circulation of cultural texts, new aesthetics of video-clips, gender roles. 

Participants are kindly requested to watch the selected videos below in advance of the event - they are subtitled in English where possible. These videos will be drawn upon during the talks so that the presentations should stimulate an interesting discussion on pop, coronavirus, circulation of texts and globalisation.

1              Cristóvam - Andrà Tutto Bene (Vai Ficar Tudo Bem):
2              Fenomenos do Semba - Jerusalema Dance Challenge (Master KG):
3              Ariel de Cuba - Quédate en casa: 
4              Various Artists - Resistiré 2020: 
5              Various Artists – Resistiré México: 
6              Various Artists - Color Esperanza 2020:
7              Symphonie confinée - La tendresse: 
8              Et demain ? Le collectif – Et demain ?: 
9              Calogero, On fait comme si:


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