[t]ERROR on Tour 2021_Nordic Whereabouts: Straying through Erratic tERRitORies

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Call for Papers
February 15, 2021
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Anthropology, Environmental History / Studies, Film and Film History, Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Urban History / Studies

Call for Papers 

Deadline: February 15 2021


[t]ERROR on Tour 2021  

10-12 June 2021, Institute for Urban Research (IUR), Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden 


Nordic Whereabouts: 

Straying through Erratic tERRitORies 

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Terror on Tour is an international network of interdisciplinary academics and artists whose research practices engage with intersections of terror and travel. After five successful interventions - at the University of Roehampton, UK (2015), the University of Chichester, UK (2016), the University of Innsbruck, Austria (2017), HEAD – Genève, Switzerland (2018), and Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (2019) - Terror on Tour continues to cross physical, conceptual, and disciplinary borders. In bringing the conference to Nordic Europe and placing it in the “borderscape” city of Malmö, we aim to develop new intellectual and creative synergies that interrogate the “North” as a utopia/dystopia/heterotopia, particular through the notion of the “stray”. 


[t]ERROR on Tour 2021 invites proposals from all academic disciplines for original papers, performances, and projects (art installations, videos, screenings, etc.) to be presented in a spirit of interdisciplinary exchange, conviviality, and focused concern. 


Drawing on the etymological origins of the term “error” (errare ‘to stray, err’), we focus on the notion of the “stray” as a thread running through the various interventions. Whether treating Nordic/northern spaces as desirable utopias, nightmarish dystopias, or inherently contradictory heterotopias, we anticipate contributions that engage with liminalities, transgressions, fringes, hybridities, edges, and borders. These concepts will be pursued in relation to: issues of belonging; fear of the stranger; nostalgia for non-existent pasts; and moving between two or more worlds in a widely-conceived “North”.  


Possibly addressing experiences of the displaced “other”, mobility/migration, pandemics, climate crises/global warming, geopolitics of the North, and cracks in the idyll of the “perfect” Nordic state, proposals should relate to one or more of the following thematic streams: 


  • The Nordic, the “North” & the Northerly - seeks papers and projects that investigate, interrogate, and complicate problematic or popular perceptions of purity andperfection associated with septrional spaces, peoples, and concepts. 
  • Utopias, Dystopias & Heterotopias - invites papers and projects that inhabit, traverse or escape these multiple topographic modes of understanding and representation. 
  • The Stray, the Rogue & the Glitch - appeals to papers and projects that address the potential of these tropes: from biopower to geontopower, from animality to criminality, and from soma to technê.  


Our confirmed keynote speaker is Lotta Petronella: artist, filmmaker and curator based on the island of Ruissalo, Finland. She has made films on and about islands for the last 15 years. Her latest film SJÄLÖ - The Island of Souls is a creative documentary film, which had its world premiere at CPH:DOX Festival in Copenhagen in March 2020 and was awarded a Special Mention Prize. SJÄLÖ - The Island of Souls will be screened as part of the conference. The story of the stray, with its many streams, runs through her ongoing artistic inquiry that takes place on the island of Själö. Lotta Petronella will engage with the question ‘what can herbs, weeds, flowers tell us?’ in SJÄLÖ POIESIS: A Thinking Herbarium and Botanical Lecture Performance 



Our current plan is to host an in-person conference in Malmö; however, given the uncertainties of international travel (particularly from outside of Europe) due to restrictions associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are concurrently developing a structure that will allow for remote attendance and presentation for those who cannot join us on-site. Such a model will also permit us to move to an all-online conference in the event of further travel restrictions at the time of the conference. Accepted participants will be asked to confirm on-site or virtual presence at the time of registration. Additional keynote speakers are to be announced shortly. 



The organisers welcome all variations and interpretations of the 2021 conference themes and encourage innovative modes of delivery and methodology, with particular focus on the potential that a significant percentage of the presentations may be conducted from remote locations. In the wake of the delay of our annual conference by one year due to the pandemic, we welcome forms of participation that reflect and contribute to the increasingly diverse range of knowledge-production and sharing that has emerged during the global lockdown. 

Submissions should be made in one of the following formats:  


  1. individual paper presentation 
  2. artistic contribution or performance  
  3. organised panel 
  4. roundtable 


Abstracts for papersartistic contributions, and performances should be between 300-500 words and include a professional biography of no more than 100 words (per person). Panel proposals shall consist an abstract of no more than 500 words addressing the themes of the panel, 3-5 paper proposals meeting the above-listed requirements, and 100-word biographies for each presenter, the chair, and/or discussant. Roundtable proposals shall consist of an abstract of no more than 500 words addressing the themes of the roundtable and 100-word biographies for each participant and the chair.  


All submitted panel, roundtable, and paper/performance/exhibition abstracts will be subject to a review process after the abstract submission deadline. Accepted abstracts will form part of the final conference programme. We anticipate the publication of either a collected edition or a dedicated special issue in a peer-refereed journal from [t]ERROR on Tour 2021 hosted by the Institute for Urban Research at Malmö University. 


Please submit all abstracts by the deadline of 15th February 2021 to: Gabriella Calchi Novati (calchinovatig@gmail.com), Robert A. Saunders (robert.saunders@farmingdale.edu), and Andrew Wilford (a.wilford@chi.ac.uk)  


If you would like to informally discuss ideas for papers, performances, and/or panels prior to final submission, please get in touch by no later than 31st January 2021 (please write ‘ERROR 2021’ in your email subject) 


Final acceptance of proposals will occur by 1 March 2021



Dr Gabriella Calchi Novati (C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich)  

Dr Andrew Wilford (University of Chichester)  

Professor Robert A. Saunders (State University of New York) 

Professor Guy Baeten (Malmö University - Institute for Urban Research) 

Contact Info: 

Gabriella Calchi Novati (calchinovatig@gmail.com)

Robert A. Saunders (robert.saunders@farmingdale.edu)

Andrew Wilford (a.wilford@chi.ac.uk)  


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