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American History / Studies, Archaeology, Indigenous Studies, Native American History / Studies, Journalism and Media Studies

My name is Lily Hart and I'm the Digital Manager at Confluence, a nonprofit that connects people to the history, living cultures, and ecology of the Columbia River system through Indigenous voices. I’m also a History MA student at the University of British Columbia. I'm posting about both a peer-reviewing opportunity and a writing opportunity.

One of Confluence's projects includes publishing articles on our Digital Library: The Confluence Digital Library is designed to house articles, historic and modern photos, videos, audio, podcasts, and other content pertaining to primarily Indigenous Columbia River system history, living cultures, and ecology, as well as educational materials such as curriculum.

Our articles are written for a public audience, yet peer reviewed. The articles are a new venture of the library, so we don’t have an example at the moment, since our first article will be published in February. Guidelines are here:

If you are interested in signing up as a peer reviewer (we currently have an article in need of peer review, related to discourse on the Kennewick Man) or writing something, please email me at

We pay the author $300 per article.

Thank you!


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