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Call for Papers
February 1, 2021 to March 21, 2021
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Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Literature, Women's & Gender History / Studies

The inaugural issue of Samyukta Fiction, the fiction line of the Samyukta Research Foundation, is slated for release on the day of the festival of Vishu (14 April) this year (2021). It will be themed around the idea of “reversal of expectations.” The sting in the tail or the volta is a popular, but challenging, narrative device by which a whole spectrum of themes and plots – traversing comic, tragic, and tragicomic modes – can be written. Some of the masters of the short story genre – Manto, Saki, Maupassant, Ambai, Basheer, Woolf, Joyce, and many more – have used the device of reversal/twist to stunning effects.

We challenge writers to try their hand at the volta, play with anagnorisis, epiphany, peripeteia – all dramatic devices – in the span of a short story of 4000 words or less. Write something riotously funny or gut-wrenchingly sad, but push the limits of the short story and upturn readerly expectations.

Please consult our submission guidelines and send in your entries (only one per person) by 21 March 2021.

All submissions are to be sent by email to:

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Dr. Anupama Mohan

Fiction Editor, Samyukta Fiction

Samyukta Research Foundation, 

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala