CfP: Contributions to the History of Translation: Themes and Perspectives

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Call for Papers
April 15, 2021
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Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy

The anthology "Contributions to the History of Translation: Themes and Perspectives", to be published in December 2021 by Logos-Verlag Berlin in the series "German Studies in Turkey", focuses on works that deal with the translation phenomenon from a historical perspective.


The extensive history of translation is only known in fragments, as much is still largely in the dark. Therefore, it still offers sufficient room for research and questions. Since every language and culture are subject to different developments, it is understandable that one cannot speak of a uniform history. Different socio-cultural conditions in history have led to different periods of translation, which have developed differently depending on the culture. But for many cultures, the importance of translation is indisputable because many areas have spread or enabled exchange precisely with the help of language mediators. The history of translation also reflects, in part, cultural history because it is a central factor in language, literary, and cultural contact. Because the history of translation is so diverse and constantly subject to change or transformation, it is still an interesting area for research, open and rich to new approaches and interpretations. The history of translation actually reflects the dynamic side of a culture and thus represents that no culture or society can develop in isolation from other cultures and societies. It can also be seen as a sign of self-awareness and self-criticism, in that differentiation from the “othr” can be established by means of translations. In this framework, the history of tranlation can show us how, in a Benjaminian sense, it can enable the existence or continued existence of a text. The anthology should lead to new questions and discussions, indicating that there are still many topics or areas that are 'untouched' for others.


Suggestions for topics and questions:

- Differentiated images and roles in the history of translation.

- Women as translators

- The visibility and voice of women translators/translators

- The relevance of norms or systems in shaping translation

- The development of textual traditions or the representation of intertextual properties

- Translational strategies or approaches in relation to particular eras

- Questioning of certain concepts in the history of translation

- Interdisciplinary influences in translation history

- The expectations of target language readers or the differential reception of target language texts

- Methodological approaches in the study of translation history

- The role of nation-building in the history of translation

- Postcolonial aspects in the history and the function of translation as an instrument of power


Submission date (preliminary paper title and abstract): April 15, 2021.

Submission date (article): August 15, 2021


Contributors should send their manuscripts with abstract and keywords in electronic form as Word or RTF file to:


Editors: Prof. Dr. Faruk YÜCEL & Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tahir ÖNCÜ



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