Irish Defence Forces Edited Collection - Call For Papers. "Defend, Protect, Serve" the Irish Defence Forces and Contemporary and Future Threats.

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Call for Papers
February 28, 2021
Ireland {Republic}
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Contemporary History, Diplomacy and International Relations, Military History, Modern European History / Studies, Political Science

Call for Submissions
Defend, Protect, Serve: The Irish Defence Forces and Contemporary and Future Threats – an Edited Collection
Supported by Palgrave MacMillan

For many years, the question has been repeatedly asked, why does Ireland, a neutral country, need a military? This has in turn formed a politically driven, public debate on the requirement and contribution of the Defence Forces to Irish life, society, and national security. In recent years the utility, capabilities, and indeed the necessity of having the Defence Forces has been brought into public, political, and academic discourse due to several events; the issues inherent to Brexit, Ireland’s membership of the UN Security Council, the protection of Irish fisheries, incursions by Russian aircraft into Irish airspace, and of course, the Covid-19 Pandemic.

While in some quarters the question remains, why does Ireland need the Defence Forces, in others the question has become are the Defence Forces fit for the challenges the country currently faces, or for those ahead? This volume’s ambition is to answer the question what will Irish defence look like in a world of emerging and hybrid threats.

This edited collection seeks to gather academic commentators on Irish defence policy, military leaders from across the service components of the Irish Defence Forces, and European Union defence experts to contribute to the first in-depth conversation and analysis on modern Irish defence. We intend to put all sides of this debate into conversation in a forum never provided before, a forum, other than social or news media, that facilitates a detailed exploration of the current status of the Defence Forces and Irish defence generally. We aim to ascertain what capabilities are strong, which are lacking, what future threats need to be catered for, and what action is needed to ensure those threats will be addressed going forward. This volume will explore emerging issues and applications of modern and contemporary threats within the context of Ireland.

We invite submissions from scholars, commentators, policy makers and military practitioners to evaluate the Irish Defence Forces in the following – but not limited to - areas:

The Irish Naval Service

  • Funding; Training; Strategy; and Personnel Retention.
  • Operational Deployments, Fisheries Protection, Drug Interdiction, Protecting Irish Waters (The Real Map of Ireland)
  • The Naval Service Reserve (NSR)
  • Meeting Future Threats

The Irish Army

  • Funding; Training; Strategy; and Personnel Retention.
  • Operational Deployments, ATCP, ATCA, UN/EU Operations, Expansion of the ARW.
  • The Irish Army Reserve
  • Meeting Future Threats

The Irish Air Corps

  • Funding; Training; Strategy; and Personnel Retention.
  • Operational Considerations: Defending Irish Airspace, The Realities of Irish Airpower, Coordination with the Royal Air Force.
  • Meeting Future Threats

Cyber Security/ Cyber Defence

  • Role of the Defence Forces in Cyber Defence
  • Role of the Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau
  • The National Cyber Security Centre
  • The National Security Analysis Centre
  • Engagement with the Cyber Security Centre of Excellence (CCD-COE), Tallinn, Estonia
  • Future Threats and Capability Development
  • Defence in Space?

Strategy, Policy, and Organizational Issues

  • Gender and Diversity within the Defence Forces
  • The Personnel Retention Crisis
  • The Commission on Defence
  • Irish Foreign Policy within the Realm of Defence
  • Cyber Attaches in key diplomatic missions
  • Defence within sustainable capacity building within third countries
  • Ireland and the UN Security Council
  • Irish Defence Forces and Tradition of Peacekeeping
  • Ireland and PESCO
  • Ireland and The Military Committee of the European Union.
  • Irish Defence and Brexit? New Relationship with UK Forces?
  • Ireland and NATO? The case for or against?
  • Irish Neutrality within the context of Hybrid warfare
  • The Department of Defence and the Defence Forces
  • Does the relationship need reimagined?
  • Should there be structural reform?
  • Defence Budget and Spending
  • Defence Forces and the Media
  • An ‘all island’ approach to Defence?

This is a partial and indicative listing of topics that contributors may wish to address and as such we also encourage submissions on themes not detailed above.

Instructions for Submitting an abstract
Abstract Deadline: February 28th, 2021 Midnight
Abstract Length: 250 to 300 words
Abstract Details (Author Name, Affiliation, Email Address, Bio (300 words, or LinkedIn URL, or CV)
Notification Date: 31st March 2021
Language of Submission: English (British Spelling)
Length of Submission: 4000 Words (Including Footnotes)
Style for References: Chicago 17th Edition
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan - Military Series


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