Decolonial Dialogues (DD): Article ("Daffodils and Snow": Whose Language Matters?) and Event Announcement - 25 February 2021

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January 20, 2021 to February 25, 2021
United Kingdom
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Cultural History / Studies, Languages, Linguistics, Research and Methodology, Sociology

The January 2021 article posted via the Decolonial Dialogues (DD) shared space  is: "Daffodils and Snow: Whose Language Matters? Part 2. Considering issues of affect and emotion within decolonial work" - written by three members of the DD co-editorial team: cultural geographer Dr Carol Ann Dixon (University of Sheffield, UK); Indigenous Kabyle education scholar Riadh Ghemmour (University of Exeter, UK); and social anthropologist Dr Maica Gugolati (EHESS: École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France).


In this narrative, we continue our conversations (initiated in 2020; please see Part 1) about decolonising approaches to language teaching, learning, communication and research, within and beyond the academy. Particular emphasis is placed on issues of affect, emotion, vulnerability and care when pursuing decolonial work - informed by the scholarship of (inter alia) Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o, Bagele Chilisa, Eber Hampton, Sean Forbes and Laëty Tual.

A creative addition within the article is the inclusion of “Krik? Krak!” (or, “Crick? Crack!”) as a multilingual call-and-response device: specifically interweaving Jamaican Patois poetics, Indigenous North African Kabyle greetings, written in (ancient Berber) Tifinagh script, and the rights activism slogans of 'Chansigne' (singing-sign language) advocates.

This continuation piece serves as a prelude to announcing our second online seminar, hosted in association with Exeter's Race, Ethnicity and Education Network (REEN): "Decolonisation without Decolonising," Thursday 25 February 2021 (11am - 1pm UK time; 7-9pm in Singapore).

The guest presentation will be given by internationally renowned sociologist Dr Leon Moosavi (Director of the University of Liverpool in Singapore), who will share insights from his ground-breaking article: "The decolonial bandwagon and the dangers of intellectual decolonisation" (International Review of Sociology, Vol. 30 (2), 2020).

DD/REEN online events are FREE. However, tickets must be reserved in advance via the Eventbrite registration page:

Thank you.

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