FEATURED JOB: A full-time research position, Academia Sinica, The Institute of History and Philology

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Subject Fields: 
Archaeology, Digital Humanities, Social Sciences

1. Rank: Assistant Research Fellow, Associate Research Fellow or Research Fellow (Positions roughly correspond to assistant professor, associate professor, and professor at a U.S. university.) [1 position available]

2. Areas of Specialization: Gender archaeology, settlement archaeology, public archaeology, or archaeological science with emphasis on the study of archaeological materials of Taiwan; candidates with experiences in carrying out independent or overseeing investigation and excavation of archaeological site

3. Qualifications:

(1) “Assistant Research Fellow”: Applicants with a domestic or foreign doctorate degree recognized by the Ministry of Education; or applicants due to receive a domestic or foreign doctorate degree in related fields by August 30, 2021

(2) “Associate Research Fellow”: Have served as an associate professor, or as an assistant professor for at least one year at a national university, private university or independent academy registered by the Ministry of Education or at a foreign university.

(3) “Research Fellow”: Have served as a professor, or as an associate professor for at least one year at a national university, private university, or independent academy registered by the Ministry of Education or at a foreign university.

4. Required Documents:

(1) Application form (Click “Attachment” at the bottom of the page)

(2) CV and a list of academic publications

(3) A photocopy of PhD diploma, or PhD certification (certification of a successful dissertation defence, or the official approval dated and issued by the applicant’s thesis advisor)

(4) A statement of research plan (2-3 pages)

(5) Explanatory information on archaeological field work experience

(6) One copy of key representative works in the past five years

a. “Assistant Research Fellow”: Up to three publications. [If a PhD dissertation is to be used, please provide it in its entirety. For works written in languages other than Mandarin or English, please provide an abstract thereof in either of the said languages (3,000 words/characters or longer)].

b. “Associate Research Fellow” and “Research Fellow”: Up to six publications.

c. Representative works other than doctoral dissertation should be peer-reviewed. Please provide “acceptance” proof if a journal article has been peer-reviewed and accepted and is due to be published.

d. Fill out the “Collaborative Academic Publication–Statement of the distribution of contributions” form if your representative publications are co-authored.

(7) Two letters of recommendation (hard copies signed and mailed to the IHP Secretariat by the referees)

5. Deadline: April 30, 2021 (Taiwan postmarked date shall apply.)

6. Applicants should prepare an application envelope containing items #1-7 in BOTH hard copies and electronic formats (email or disc) and send it before the deadline to:

Secretariat, Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
130 Academia Rd. Sec. 2, Nankang Dist. Taipei, Taiwan, 115201
(Please indicate on the envelop: Application for Full-Time Research Position)


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Contact Info: 

Contact: Ms. Chen
Tel: 886-2-2782-9555#240
Email: bihp2@asihp.net