Lived Religion in the Digital Age Research Fellowships

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January 31, 2021
United States
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Religious Studies and Theology, Digital Humanities, Urban History / Studies, American History / Studies

LRDA is a research initiative at Saint Louis University that works to develop deeply-considered, multisensory inventories of lived religion and to scrutinize the translation of lived experiences and spaces into digital products. We invite scholars trained in religion, theology, history, digital humanities, urban studies, American studies, and other related fields to participate in these efforts through competitive research fellowships. Awards will be made available to colleagues of all ranks and faculty status, independent scholars, advanced graduate students, and other professionals. No prior digital humanities experience is required. Deadline January 31, 2021. Learn more: For questions contact co-director Rachel Lindsey (

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Samantha Arten, Lived Religion in the Digital Age Project Administrator

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