Routledge Studies in Comparative Chinese Literature and Culture

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Call for Publications
July 1, 2025
Alberta, Canada
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Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, Literature

Scholarly work on China’s literary and cultural relations with the rest of the world tends to be divided into different camps.  Different conversations are carried on in Sinophone and Anglophone academic settings; within those linguistic precincts, scholarship is sometimes further subdivided between those who come to comparative topics from China- or Asia-focused departments, and those who are in other kinds of units, often those dominated by European-language subject matter.
At a historical moment when political forces are driving disengagement between China and the rest of the world, we believe there is a greater need than ever to build scholarly dialogue on China across political and disciplinary borders.  This new series aims to publish top-quality, innovative scholarship which can speak equally clearly to researchers working in all settings where comparative Chinese cultural phenomena are discussed.  Although all work in the series will be published in English, we welcome manuscript submissions from those working at Sinophone (and other non-Anglophone) institutions, and hope to publish a broad range of scholarly perspectives from around the world.  The editors will work with contributors to make sure that published titles can reach a broad array of scholarly readers, without compromising international research standards.

Proposals are sought for monographs, essay collections, and reference works addressing any aspect of literary or cultural relations between Chinese and non-Chinese worlds.  We would welcome submissions on classical, modern, or contemporary subjects such as:

  • The place of China within systemic approaches to world literature
  • Dynamic reception studies of foreign literatures within China, or Chinese literature abroad
  • Relations of Sinophone to non-Sinophone Chinese diasporic literatures
  • “China” at the intersection of race/class/gender
  • Chinese media spaces and China in Euro-American media spaces
  • Comparative approaches to classical Chinese poetics
  • Taiwanese literature and 21st century postcolonial theory
  • Chinese and Western (or Indian, Arabic, African, etc.) literary-philosophical relations
  • Transnationalism in Sinophone cinema
  • Chinese science fiction and/or posthumanism within a global context
  • Premodern literary Sinitic in Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Central Asia
  • Chinese minority literatures and global minority literatures
  • Ecocritical approaches to Chinese literature, or Chinese literature’s influence on global ecological thought
  • Assessments of global Sinology and the multipolar construction of “Chineseness”
  • Classical Chinese regional literatures and non-Han literatures (e.g. Manchu, Tangut, etc.)
  • The Chinese medical imagination in a global pandemic era

The editors welcome informal queries about the scope and goals of the series, as well as full proposals.

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