Call for Submissions: Journal of American History Textbooks and Teaching, U.S. Democracy and Political history

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Call for Publications
June 1, 2021
Missouri, United States
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American History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Intellectual History, Political History / Studies, Teaching and Learning

How are college and university history instructors responding to the recent divisive and fraught political moment, when democracy itself seems at stake?  What role do college history courses play in developing student political knowledge and civic capacities?  Does such teaching have a role to play in the U.S. democratic projects?  What are students learning about democracy’s multiple and contested meanings, its history, and those who worked for it?  The contributing editors for the Textbooks and Teaching Section of the Journal of American History invite submissions that explore these and similar questions for its March 2022 section.  We especially invite articles that move beyond explanations of assignments, materials, and practices to examine evidence of student learning and to engage with the Scholarship on Teaching and Learning.  We encourage prospective authors to consult with us on possible topics.  Essays should not exceed 4,000 words.  Deadline for the initial draft is June 1. 


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