Mediterranean Syllabi Index - New Entries

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January 5, 2021
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Mediterranean Syllabi Index - New Entries 

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The Mediterranean Syllabi Index is an open-access resource for instructors developing or teaching undergraduate and graduate courses relating to Mediterranean Studies topics in disciplines including History, Art History, Material Culture, Archaeology, Literature and Language, Music, Culture and the Social Sciences from Antiquity to the present.

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The History of The Early Modern Mediterranean (1450-1789) [HUM 108, Lower-level Undergraduate/Upper-level Undergraduate, Remote/In-person, 2020]
• Huseyin Gungor Sahin [Department of Social Sciences, Atilim University]
Keywords: History, Early Modern Mediterranean
• This course covers the description of the early modern Mediterranean in general terms from the geographical discoveries to the French Revolution; Political, social, historical and economic developments and transformations in the early modern Mediterranean; Wars and trade in the axis of Ottoman-Spanish hegemony struggle in the Mediterranean basin.

The Mediterranean World, 1450-1750 [HIST 458, Combined Graduate/Undergraduate, Small lecture, In-person 2020]
• Brian Sandberg [Department of History, Northern Illinois University]
Keywords: History, Early Modern Mediterranean
• This course explores the Mediterranean world in the early modern period, examining the historical patterns of state development, economic growth, cultural change, and imperial conflict that shaped Mediterranean societies during the Renaissance.


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