Troubling Topics, Sacred Texts

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Call for Papers
January 5, 2021 to March 1, 2021
Nevada, United States
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Anthropology, Asian History / Studies, Chinese History / Studies, Religious Studies and Theology, Indigenous Studies

• "Troubling Topics, Sacred Texts": Sacred texts continue to inspire a diversity of scholarship that seeks to transform the ancient into the contemporary, the remote into the immediate, and the distant into the visceral experience. At the same time, the texts confront a plethora of troubling topics. Reflecting the spirit of comparative studies in religion seriously engaging two or more religious traditions around a common topic and the recent publication of Troubling Topics, Sacred Texts: Readings in Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Qur’an (De Gruyter 2021), this panel focuses attention on how not only sacred texts themselves but their religious inflections function to manage, signify, and negotiate the most troubling of topics. Veering towards a cultural studies lens, the panel seeks to remove the auratic nature of texts and recognize the profound cultural consequences of their receptions, cooption, and polemic power. In addition to a polymorophous array of troubling topics, a variety of discursive methodologies is also invited. All are ways to better appreciate the rich landscape that inspired the many voices, often hidden in plain sight, of these texts. Invitations will be made but submissions by those inspired by the topic are invited. Please contact Roberta Sabbath, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Pleae include a c.v., an abstract of about 150-250 words and a short anrrative bio. Email:

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Roberta Sabbath

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