Book/Series Presentation: 'Gender and the Early Video Game Industry in the United States', in: Video Games and the Humanitites

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January 13, 2021
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American History / Studies, Contemporary History, Humanities, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies

What role did women play in the Gaming Industry in the US and how has this role changed? Author Anne McDivitt gives a short introduction to her book Hot Tubs and Pac-Man and her findings about gender and the early video game industry in the US (1950s-1980s).

Nathalie Aghoro, Iro Filipakki, Chris Kempshall and Esther MacCallum-Stewart, Jeremiah McCall, Sascha Pöhlmann (Eds.) will also present the new launched book series Video Games and the Humanities, in which this title has been published.

January 13, 11am Eastern


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