The Association of Chinese & Comparative Literature 2021 Biennial Meeting: Call for Papers

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The Association of Chinese & Comparative Literature 2021 Biennial Meeting: Call for Papers


29-31 July, 2021

National Taiwan University


The Association of Chinese and Comparative Literature (ACCL) will hold its 2021 Biennial Conference in conjunction with National Taiwan University and the Taiwanese Society for the Study of Chinese Literature and Culture.


Conference Information

Dates: 29-31 July, 2021 (Thu-Sat)

Venue: College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University

Hosted by: Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan University; Taiwanese Society for the Study of Chinese Literature and Culture; Association of Chinese and Comparative Literature (ACCL)


Conference Theme: Literature and the Sea 「文學—海洋—島嶼」

Literature is often discussed in terms of nations, cities, and continents—we speak of “Chinese literature,” “Taiwan literature,” or “Asian literature. But, what happens when we leave behind this continental paradigm and instead adopt a maritime perspective on literature?


The conference theme is an invitation to think about literary encounters with, on, and at the sea, from antiquity to the present, including maritime cultural trajectories; trans- and circum-Pacific literatures; Chinese diasporic literatures in Southeast Asia/Nanyang; Sinophone voyages; island-nations and island-literatures; the literary South Seas; treaty-port literatures; and maritime perspectives on world literature.


Further, can literature itself be conceived as liquid, rather than solid? We speak of transnational literary flows that turn from trickle to flood or torrent; of literary dispersion in decentral and decolonial patterns, occurring in fluid patterns and situations; and of literature itself as a as sea 文海 composed of an ocean of words 字海.


Last but not least, our conference site itself, Taiwan, is an island. What is the ocean’s role in conceiving Taiwan literature, its cultural contexts and historical trajectories? And how does Taiwan literature reach out, across the ocean, to write itself into world literature?


Conference participants are invited to take inspiration from our theme, in its actual as well as metaphorical dimensions, to formulate their responses.


Contributor Information

The conference organizers invite contributions from scholars (including graduate students) around the world. Conference languages are Chinese and English, and presenters are welcome to present in either language. The conference seeks submissions of both individual papers and—preferably—organized panels, addressing the conference theme or any other topic within the disciplinary scope of the host organizations.


Abstracts should be under 300 English words or 500 Chinese characters. Panel proposals should include abstracts for each individual paper, as well as a separate abstract for the panel as a whole. Also, each panel proposal should identify the panel organizer and a panel chair; the organizer and chair may be the same person, and each may also serve as a presenter or discussant for the panel. No individual may submit more than one abstract, or be part of more than one panel.


Submission deadline: 31 January 2021.


To submit a paper proposal, please go to the conference website:, and fill out either the “Individual Paper Proposal” form or the “Panel Proposal” form.


Important Note

As of this moment, the organizers plan for an in-person conference to be held in Taipei in July 2021. We will closely monitor the global pandemic and will inform participants in a timely manner if the situation requires us to change the conference format.



Nicolai Volland, ACCL President (






  1. 會議名稱:「文學/海洋/島嶼」國際學術研討會
  2. 會議時間:2021年7月29-31日(週四-週六)
  3. 會議地點:臺灣大學文學院演講廳、會議室、文16-19教室
  4. 主辦單位:國立臺灣大學中國文學系、臺灣中文學會、華文文學與比較文學協會(Association of Chinese & Comparative Literature)


二、會議主題:「文學—海洋—島嶼」(Literature and the Sea)

  1. 從古典到當代的大陸與海洋的人文連結、文學的跨海航線、跨(環)太平洋文學、南洋書寫、島嶼與島國、南島文化、口岸文學、海洋視野的世界文學。
  2. 文學的流動性、文學的去中心論、文/字海等主題。
  3. 臺灣文學與世界文學、臺灣的文化語境與文史論述。



  1. 參加資格:海內外學者(含研究生)。
  2. 會議形式:會議語文爲中文、英文。會議徵稿分為單篇論文與論文小組(panel,每組 3-4 篇論文),以論文小組爲優先。
  3. 提要要求:
  4. 截稿期限:論文提要收件截止時間為2021 年 1 月 31 日(週日)。
  5. 請於截稿期限前將會議網頁,,填「論文資料表」並上傳至資料表上傳系統。


Contact Information

Nicolai Volland, ACCL President (

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