Edited Volume on Cinema and Urban space in Belarus, Poland and Ukraine

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Call for Papers
February 15, 2021 to November 15, 2021
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Borderlands, Film and Film History, Architecture and Architectural History, Eastern Europe History / Studies

Call for Papers

Edited Volume on Cinema and Urban Space in Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine

by Konstanty Kuzma and Moritz Pfeifer


Proposals: 15th of February 2021

Papers due: 1st of November 2021


After ten years of online publishing, the East European Film Bulletin is pleased to announce its first print project: an edited volume on cinema and urban space in Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine.

The volume is intended to introduce an underrepresented region with a specific history into the growing concern to link urban studies and film studies. We are looking for contributions that examine and analyse the diverse relationships between cinema, city structures and memory and their links with the region’s complex memory, both remote and recent.

Suggested topics:

  1. Depiction of urban planning on-screen (e.g. Man of Marble, Getting to Know the Big, Wide World)
  2. Cinematic representation of specific cities in the region (e.g. former industrial centres; cities like Lviv and Wroclaw with a layered history)
  3. Urban planning, democratic transition, and its possible criticism
  4. Topographies of memory in alternative cinema and video art
  5. The fate of cinema studios as reflective of larger urban developments
  6. How films reflect and shape the perception of urban centres in the region
  7. Cities as places of protest and revolution on-screen and beyond
  8. Memory places: cinematic spaces which commemorate historical catastrophes (e.g. WWII, Chernobyl)
  9. Common aesthetic trends between architecture and cinema

Proposals of 250-500 words should be sent to Konstanty Kuzma and Moritz Pfeifer at editors@eefb.org by February 15th 2021

Abstracts should be submitted in English. We do however accept final submissions of accepted proposals in Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.

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Moritz Pfeifer

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