BODY IQ 2021: Bodies of Cultures, Communities & Places

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Call for Papers
January 31, 2021
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Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Fine Arts, Health and Health Care, Humanities, Theatre & Performance History / Studies


Call for Contributions: 

BODY IQ 2021: Bodies of Cultures, Communities & Places

Somatische Akademie Berlin  19. - 21. 11. 2021

Curator team: Angela Guerreiro (Munich), Kai Ehrhardt (Somatische Akademie Berlin), Mäks Roβmöller (Berlin) & Thomas Kampe (Bath Spa University, UK) in partnership with the Creative Corporealities Research Groups (CCRG) of Bath Spa University (UK) 

Body IQ Festival 2021 aims to address questions of embodied recovery & revisioning in the context of global ethical, social & ecological crises and change. Somatic practices have moved beyond a field of sensorial, experiential and emancipatory learning into wider educational, therapeutic, artistic and social-justice contexts.  Body IQ Festival recognises the urgent need for meaningful re-embodiment of increasingly digitalised cultural communities in a pandemic and post-pandemic world.

How do we articulate somatic-informed practices as sensitive tools for social and political transformation? How do we address hidden and embodied ideologies, modes of exclusion, oppression and privilege within our growing field? How do we take responsibility for mobilising, activating and organising meaningful ethical embodied interaction in a rapidly changing world? How do we move beyond a historically inscribed ‘whiteness’ of the field towards a making space for global-majority bodies of culture? How can somatic practices contribute toward a re-embodiment of attention and sustainable human interaction with a living world?

The 2021 festival offers a forum for practice exchange, practice-theory dialogue, debate, experiment, networking, application and articulation of potential for somatic activisms beyond the field into a diverse range of cultural and social environments. The three-day festival offers workshops, talks, panel-discussions and performances with international presenters. The festival will offer live and online participation and modes of communication in line with codes of safer practice.

Invited presenters include: 

Adesola Akinleye, Funmi Adewole, Martha Eddy, Tiago Gambogi, Intercultural Roots,Heike Kuhlmann, Royston Maldoom, Kate Marsh, Gill Miller, Katja Müncker, Ben Spatz, Sandra Reeves, Melissa Rolnick

BODY IQ Festivals have been hosted by Somatische Akademie Berlin in dialogue with international partners since 2015 as a forum for critical engagement with practices of embodiment in socio-political contexts.  Find more information about past BODY IQ Festivals visit:

Body IQ 2021 will be hosted in four venues in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin; two of those are fully accessible.

We are inviting artists, educators and scholars of diverse abilities and cultural backgrounds to contribute through workshops, academic presentations, performances and artefacts, lectures, provocations or other alternative formats.

Topics might be concerned with:

Critical Somatics, Somatic Activisms, Social Somatics & Applied Somatics; Somatics and the creative processes in dance; Cultural Somatics and Critical Whiteness; Somatic Performance Cultures; The Power of Touch in a post-pandemic world; Moving Masculinities & Gender; De-Colonising the Field;  De-Centering Whiteness; Somatic Education for different Age-Groups; Somatics and diverse abilities; Re-moving Trauma; Somatics in the Digital Age; Intercultural Somatic Networks; Eco-Somatics, Post-Humanism & Eco-Crisis; Re-Embodiment and/as Re-Empowerment; Somatics as micro-activisms in city-environments; Theorising Critical Somatic Practices

Deadline for Applications January 31st 2021; feedback from organisers by February 28th 2021

To apply send a 200 word abstract/proposal and a 200 word biography using this form. (


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Prof. Thomas Kampe,  Professor of Somatic Education and Performance Bath Spa University


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