Call for Papers and thematic issues - Politique Américaine - French political science journal on American Politics and Government

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Call for Papers
June 30, 2022
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Political History / Studies, Political Science, Public Policy, Social Sciences

Politique Américaine calls for article contributions for its upcoming issues and invites proposals for special thematic issues (starting in September 2022 - #39).

Politique Américaine is a French political science and American Studies journal founded in 2005. It publishes two paper issues a year (March and September) with L’Harmattan and issues are available for free on Cairn after a couple of years. Its editorial board and scientific committee gather scholars of American politics and government, American foreign policy and American media. The journal looks for critical studies of North American and Canadian public life in its variety.

The journal welcomes classical political science studies, for instance on power struggles, institutions, elections, voters, public opinion and party politics. The journal also welcomes studies on the political in a broader sense, especially infrapolitics. Comparative politics is also most welcome, especially with Europe and Latin America.

The journal is bilingual French/English and accepts articles in both languages. Each article – including those in a special issue – is anonymously reviewed by two independent reviewers.

Special issues include in between 4 and 6 articles, half of them written in French. They must also have an introduction presenting the state of the art on the special issue theme(s). Each article must be no longer than 40,000 characters (spaces included). Articles for the Varia section should be of the same length. Politique Américaine is currently interested in the following topics: conspiracy theories, gun control, Asia and American foreign policy, the Covid pandemic and its impact on American society and politics, polarization and the state of political parties, GAFAM in politics and society…The list is not exclusive and each potential guest editor is welcome to suggest their topic.

Articles or special issues’ proposals are to be sent to the following email address:  

The style sheet is available on the journal’s website: 

Past issues are available on CAIRN: