Call for Book Chapters: Energy Policy Advancement - Climate Change Mitigation and International Environmental Justice [Springer]

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Public Policy, Political Science, Environmental History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Law and Legal History

Human-induced climate change is one the first environmental problems that are truly global in nature (Cohen, 2014). There is strong scientific evidence that human-caused climate change is harmful to all social strata; human activities continue to negatively impact Earth’s climate that changes its radiative balance. Political, legal, business and economic dimensions are crucial for climate strategies and effective energy policy development; however, these dimensions are not always supportive of the best-practice policy advancement. Sustainability policy and environmental policy is a complex and multidimensional problem, requiring multiple approaches (Cohen, 2014). At local and international levels, country Parties develop and adopt new climate policies. The global transition to renewable energy sources requires energy policy development and advancement, allowing nations to take advantage of emerging economic opportunities and facilitate new forms of energy development and distribution. (Zillman, 2018) The energy policy advancement has been challenged by multiple factors, including climate change, market reform, and energy security. Climate change policy frameworks are of great importance; they inevitably promote energy and environmental justice. At the international level, climate policies have been codified, for example, in the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol. The EU’s objective, for example, is to be climate-neutral by 2050; the development of the legal energy policy framework of the EU is a process that will enable the changes in environmental markets. The global environmental justice movement presupposes the development, evolution, and advancement of international environmental law.


This interdisciplinary edited volume investigates energy policy advancement and development. By January 4, please send your CV and abstract to co-editors of the project, Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin and/or Dr. Elena Shabliy This edited volume is under contract with Springer.


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Dr. Dmitry Kurochkin, Researcher at Harvard University,

Dr. Elena Shabliy, Visiting Scholar at Columbia University,