Call for Application: MA Scholarships in Nationalism Studies (CEU, Vienna)

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February 1, 2021
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Social Sciences, Nationalism History / Studies, Graduate Studies, Ethnic History / Studies

CEU Nationalism Studies - Apply for MA Scholarships!

Apply now and be part of our diverse student body taught by an international faculty.
Founded by Ernest Gellner, CEU’s Nationalism Studies Program is one of the few programs in the world dedicated to the study of nationalism, migration, populist politics, ethnic conflict, prejudice, self-determination, populism, minority protection, and language and citizenship rights.
Fostering critical and cross-discipline approaches, our international faculty brings together a wide spectrum of expertise, such as political science, history, sociology, international relations, anthropology, social theory, social psychology, and legal studies.

Our MA program comes in two formats:
MA in Nationalism Studies / 1 YEAR (designed for candidates with a four-year BA degree)
MA in Nationalism Studies / 2 YEARS (primarily for graduates with a three-year BA degree)

Scholarships and Application Deadline

In 19/20 academic year all of our students received one of CEU's financial aid packages. For more information on scholarships, click here.

Deadline: February 1, 2021 23:59 CET

Our program covers the following topics:

Nationalism in Southeastern Europe
The global challenge of migration
Populism and right-wing politics
The sociology and social psychology of ethnic prejudice
Transnational citizenship and diasporas
Nationalist politics and democracy
Anthropological approaches to race and ethnicity
Religious nationalism
Self-determination and international minority protection
Anthropological Approaches to Ethnicity, Racism and Nationalism with special reference to Roma


Have questions?
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