Fish in Crisis?: Economics, Environments and the Multiple Crises of Fishing

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December 15, 2020
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Environmental History / Studies, World History / Studies, European History / Studies, Economic History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies

The University of Edinburgh's Centre for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History welcomes all to an online panel discussing political, economic and environmental crises based in humans’ pursuit of seafood.

Fishing is never just about fish, but raises questions of labour, politics, sovereignty, environments, food, economics, and community life in the past and present that will drive our multi-perspective and interdisciplinary conversation. Together we will ask fishing in crisis? Are fish in crisis - and why? Is this crisis really new? Who–or what–exactly experiences crisis, who is benefitting, and what is to be done?

The panel will consist of:

  • Arianne Sedef Urus (Harvard)
  • Jennifer Lee Johnson, (Purdue)
  • Troy Vettese (Harvard) 
  • Ruth Brennan (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Moderator: Betty Banks (Edinburgh)

Tues Dec 15th at 5pm-6.30pm UK time. Please sign up in the eventbrite to recieve the zoom link. Thank you!

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