Handbook of Nigeria: Call for Contributors - Toyin Falola

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Call for Papers
December 1, 2020 to June 1, 2021
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Anthropology, Public Health, Religious Studies and Theology, Research and Methodology, Social Work

Handbook of Nigeria: Call for Contributors

Toyin Falola


This is an invitation to contribute to the Handbook of Nigeria, expected to become the most massive and comprehensive on the country. The discussions are thematically arranged, instead of the chronological format often used in texts of this type. All accepted contributions shall fall within the appropriate sections of eight different but interrelated themes.

Themes and Topics

Submissions will be considered on their depth, scope, originality and ability to contribute to discussions in any of the following areas: Archaeologies of Early History; Mythologies and History; State Formation and Expansion; States and Societies; Inter-Group Relations; Colonial Conquest and Peoples’ Resistance (include evolution of boundaries); Colonial Administration; World Wars and their impacts; Nationalism and Decolonization; Constitutions and Federalism; Regional Governance and Developmental Projects; The Republics (First to Fourth); Military Regimes; Biafra and Secessionist Struggles and the Question of Unity; International Relations (Foreign Policy, Nigeria and ECOWAS, OAU/ African Union, United Nations); Geography; Environment; Architectures; Economies (Agriculture, Trade, Crafts, Services); External Trade (Trans-Saharan, Trans-Atlantic); Labor and Trade Unions; Peasantries; Entrepreneurship; Development; Indigenous Religions, Islam; Christianity; Religions and Politics; Social Institutions; Political Institutions; Governance; Governmentality and Civil society; Traditional Governance Institutions; Women and Gender; Education (Informal and Formal); Languages; Internally Displaced Peoples and Nigerian refugees; Children and Youths; Sports; Civil societies and Trade Unionism; The Nigerian Diaspora; Technology and Science; Healthcare, Medical Practices and Public Health; Social Media; Creativity Arts; Literary Voices; Entertainment Industry (Cinema and Nollywood); Popular Culture (music, fashion and all); Visual Culture; Literature; Identities and Political Order (include minorities, Niger Delta crisis); Violence and Insecurity; Boko Haram, Terrorism and Anti-terrorism; Urbanization and Population Growth; Challenges of Nation-Building in Post-Civil War; and Imagining the Future.


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