Book manuscipts sought for new book series on radical political movements

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Radical Movements: Towards a World History

Series editor, Craig Phelan

This newly-launched series is the only book series on radicalism that is truly global in scope and thoroughly ecumenical in its approach. The goal is to bring together studies of radicalism past and present to provide readers a sense of the diversity of experience that motivates those who have struggled to change the world through political means. The series will consist of monographs, memoires, works of fiction, collections of primary materials and edited volumes that seek to draw comparisons and prompt debate about the reasons why radical movements emerge, the role they play in politics, the forces that coalesce to eradicate them, their tactics and strategies, the significance of theory and ideology, and the reasons for their success or failure.

Those with recently completed PhD theses and those with proposals for edited collections are especially encouraged to contact the series editor at

Please note that Peter Lang asks authors and volume editors to provide some funding towards the production costs of their book.

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