Call for Video and Image Submissions / Cultural Awareness and Social Justice / Conciencia Cultural y Justicia Social

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Call for Papers
January 10, 2021
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Borderlands, Chicana/o History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies

The Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean announces its 32nd annual conference taking place in two parts and two places, developed in collaboration with the University of Arizona College of Education.

Part 1. Cultural Awareness and Social Justice - February 18 and 19 - Prelude to Tucson: Decolonizing the Conference Format

February's virtual conference will feature two expert roundtable discussions: Transnational and Migrant Educational Journeys, and Diversity, Interculturality, and Social Identities Across the Americas; a gallery of selected 5-7 minute videos and images; synchronous discussion and networking, and an introduction to the cultural complexity of Tucson and the innovation, expertise and challenges characteristic of agencies and educators in the region. 

Video and Image gallery: The gallery of selected 5-7 minute videos and images (up to five) will enable asynchronous viewing and response via video or text; it will also be the focus of a synchronous discussion and social circle on the second day of the conference, February 19.  We welcome any innovative use of the video medium.

The opportunity is perfect for all categories of participants: artists, practitioners, researchers, NGOs, and students; We are soliciting submissions from around the Americas, in Spanish or English, on a range of topics:

1. Art in Any Medium, Addressing a Topic Below

2. Racial Repression, Resistance and Education for Social Justice

3. Indigenous and Native Nation Initiatives

4. Covid-19 Challenges and Opportunities

5. Experiential/Immersion/Service-Learning and Student Exchange

6. Borders and their Function in a National Security Economy

7. Broad-based Assessment: Outcomes Assessment

Videos and images can be conceptualized in innovative or traditional ways: as a fully thought out academic or artistic submission (poster or presentation), as an inventive means to rethink academic and artistic communication using the medium to decolonize the conference format, or an opportunity to network or workshop an idea for Part 2, Cultural Awareness and Social Justice, Tucson, the larger in-person annual conference will take place in Tucson, Arizona, USA in late October 2021.

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